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At Spellbound we offer a full restoration facility for our clients. We have a full spectrum of facilities to enable any operation to be carried out, including any modification or upgrading work that might form part of the project. This might simply be the recommissioning of a fundamentally sound car that has been the subject of a lay-off, or the full restoration of a 'barn find' that still has a thick layer of dust on its roof!

Work of such an involved nature always starts with a consultation. An informal meeting, with a walk through our facilities allows us to evaluate your wishes and expectations for the restoration of your car. Whether you wish to use the car on a day to day basis, exhibit at Concours d’Elegance events, use the car for the odd hill climb in between Sunday trips or perhaps race at one of the major historic festivals; we can meet your expectations.

We are acutely aware that each client has their own specific set of objectives, and personal understanding and expectation of what identifies a given level of preparation, originality and patina.

Each aspect of the restoration process is described below:


We offer a full engine rebuilding facility, which enables us to carry out an overhaul to standard specification. We can include upgrades such as harder valve seats for modern unleaded fuel. Beyond that we are able to build to historic race specification, and to meet F.I.A. regulations if required. We have full machining facilities.

Transmission and Drivetrain Transmission:

Work is carried out in-house by our own experienced engineers. Once a problem has been carefully diagnosed we can advise what transmission options are available to you. Making the correct choices at the initial stages of restoration can impact greatly on the driveability of the car, how reliable it might be, or if required, how effective it is in competition.

Once a course of action has been evaluated, and work is underway we have access to highly experienced gear cutting specialists who have the product knowledge and tooling to supply specialist parts for given applications. Due to the complex and diverse design of some transmissions there are sometimes cases where it is not possible or even advisable to carry out the rebuild in-house, in such situations the client will always be made aware that we are calling in one of our specialist suppliers to assist with a specific task.

Transmission Track Upgrades:

We are able to rebuild manual transmissions, final drive units and limited slip differentials and all drivetrain components to original, standard specification. We can also modify to suit the individual owner's requirements.

Final drive units can be rebuilt to original specification, or alternatively the overall gearing of the vehicle can be raised or lowered with a revised crown wheel and pinion set. We are able to offer advice on the appropriate choice for a given application.

Suspension and Sub Assembly Restoration:

Regardless of the car, whether leaf springs, coils, wishbones, sliding pillars or torsion bars, suspension components all suffer the effects of wear and tear, ageing and corrosion. At Spellbound we take great pride in preparing even the parts of a car that are very often out of view to a very high standard. A typical suspension or sub-assembly restoration process would consist of removing the assembly from the car and where appropriate, carrying out a full steam clean and dry, placing the assembly on the bench for full strip down and examination.

Shot Blasting:

As each component is removed from the assembly its condition is noted, and if salvageable it is then blasted in-house. Anything that requires nickel or chrome plating is again repaired and polished in-house before being delivered to our supplier for plating to the highest standards.

Powder Coating:

Blasting gives the perfect preparation for powder coating, and this is our preferred method of finishing suspension and chassis components. The finish is extremely resilient, with limitless colour choice. All powder coating work is carried out in-house. Our facility has enough space for a full chassis assembly.


New components are ordered to fit in with any plating or other finishing process. The result is a sub assembly that can then be hand assembled to a very high standard with a level of finish which is very often to a higher standard than that of the original manufacturer.

Braking Systems:

Throughout the cars life, braking system components are subjected to heat, wear, ageing and corrosion. The rubber components in seals and hoses perish with time and heat.

Traditional dot 3 and 4 brake fluid is hygroscopic, therefore absorbs water in normal use, as a result of which internal components such as master cylinder and calliper pistons corrode out of sight - only the classic Citroen owners and the few others on green mineral fluid escape that little menace! We offer a full brake overhaul service, rebuilding and refinishing components where possible and replacing where necessary.

Body Shell and Chassis Restoration:

We are equipped to undertake structural and cosmetic restoration to a high standard. From a minor repair to a full strip down to bare metal, no job is too big or too small. The workshop is staffed by time served specialists in classic and historic cars, people who are also enthusiasts who have a passion for what they do. We have cutting, folding and forming equipment, so where it is not possible to obtain a replacement section, we can often make one in-house.

The Interior:

We are able to offer a bespoke trimming service to enable our client to have the interior of their prized car exactly as they wish. Our trimmer is used to working to the very highest standards. We can repair a seat appropriately where to retain the existing ageing and patina is important, or we can carry out a full re-trim in a new colour complete with new hood and tonneau cover.

Our restoration facility at Spellbound Cars is equipped with first-class machinery for modification or upgrading projects and staffed with a highly-skilled team to fulfil your specific requirements.