Servicing & Restoration

Driveline Upgrades: Clutch, Transmission & Driveline


Many older classic vehicles operate with spring-type clutch. As this style is commonly recognised as weaker and having a shorter lifespan, at Spellbound we encourage clients to upgrade to the more contemporary diaphragm-type clutch. The nature of this upgrade will not detract from the originality of the vehicle; it merely enhances the performance lifespan and operation of the clutch unit.

Clutch Release Bearing:

To enhance the mechanism and ease of operation of a more resilient clutch, we recommend replacing the original clutch release bearing with a concentric release bearing for an integral slave cylinder.

High Performance/ Race Clutch:

Should a client require a racing-standard performance clutch, we offer progressive levels of upgrade where necessary to a more sophisticated type of twin plate billet clutch assembly, mounted on a one-piece steel flywheel, this type of clutch will withstand all of your sporting endeavours.

Gearbox and Final Drive:

There are various options relating to transmission and final drive which allow you to choose whether your vehicle has better low down torque, higher top speed, or indeed better driveability through the corners.

Braking System:

At Spellbound Cars we can implement brake system upgrades, dependant on your requirements and type of use. From improved discs, braided brake lines and many different pad compounds. All of the above will achieve a better, more stable heat dissipation, for safe high speed braking.

Our restoration facility at Spellbound Cars is equipped with first-class machinery for modification or upgrading projects and staffed with a highly-skilled team to fulfil your specific requirements.