Servicing & Restoration

Race Preparation & Track Day Upgrades

For the ardent racing driver, thorough preparation is vital; insufficient preparation can lead to the vehicle encountering heat control problems.

Frequently, this outcome will occur within the first fifteen to twenty minutes of a track session. Unavoidably, leading to disappointment, added expense and wear on the vehicle. Commonly, the braking system is impacted first, followed by the effects of excessive engine oil and coolant temperature.

Spellbound can put your mind at ease. Our team have a wealth of experience in preparing a car before track use and are highly familiar with the potential issues which may arise.

Our Recommendations for classic and historic cars:

  • Upgrade the brake system (using suitable friction materials and brake fluid)
  • Fitting an oil cooler installation with a thermostat
  • Fitting a water temperature gauge
  • Replace radiators with a larger, more efficient aluminium type unit for better heat dissipation
  • Replace cooling fans with contemporary, high-power ducted fans (controlled by temperature switch)

Additionally, our team are available to assist in other areas of vehicle enhancement:

The Historic Championships:

Our engineers are highly-experienced in vehicle requirements for challenging disciplines such as hill-climbing, sprinting, GT and club racing

Our restoration facility at Spellbound Cars is equipped with first-class machinery for modification or upgrading projects and staffed with a highly-skilled team to fulfil your specific requirements.