As quality restorers we offer a comprehensive service of repairs and have the expertise and facilities to deal with every level of repair to any part of a vehicles interior. We work with a huge array of traditional and modern materials be they wood, leather, fabrics, carbon fibre, plastics and metals.

Seats and door panelling
we can offer re-connolising of leather, repairs to tears, scratches or rejuvenation from wear and tear of leathers and fabrics. Seat padding, spring or cushioning can also be replaced to your preferred comfort. As required we also repair or restore wood fittings and replace carbon composite inlays.

As an alternative to replacement we can clean and re-align sagging or tired headlinings.

Dashboard and mouldings
We can repair or restore surface finishes and any structural or exterior mouldings to your interior.

Steering Wheel, Armrests, headrests and Gators
All can be refurbished, repaired and personalised as you require.

Carpets and Over mats
Precise colour and pile matching and tailored fitting to any area of interior carpeting.